Project Protect is established by two fashion designers as a side project. Just when they moved into their new atelier, Covid-19 broke out and shocked the world. Project Protect was born out of the necessity for non-medical face masks, for people that need to travel with public transport or just want to protect their fellow human beings while entering public spaces. With time on their hands, and a distaste for plastic, disposable and not so charmingly looking masks, they started researching a more durable, environmentally friendly design with a more sophisticated look.

Soon enough they came up with the idea to use only leftover fabrics from traditional Japanese kimono’s and they worked out the perfect fit. Because they only work with leftovers there's no need to produce more fabric and the Japanese colours and prints are simply stunning. The masks are double-layered 100% cotton and can be washed at 60 degrees, so you can safely re-use them as many times as you want.. and look amazing at the same time! Not totally unimportant, right? So.... it’s time to #faceyourmask.

Stay safe!
And look amazing while it lasts ;)

Project Protect